Beauté Noire | bo.te /nwɑr/ | - Black Beauty, is a virgin hair company providing luxurious hair to beautés all over the world. We offer 100% virgin hair in various textures and lengths.Our mission is to provide high quality extensions to our consumers that will guarantee you'll be looking and feeling like a Black Beauty. The queen you truly are! 

About Lee

Biology major in college with original aspirations to be a OB/GYN decided that her passion was bigger than that! She was fueled by  making women feel good about themselves. As a women she understand that in order for you to feel good you also had to look good. She left her job at 23 and decided to do hair full time, she has never looked back! As her business grew and clientele diversified she recognized the need for top quality hair extensions. Research begun, late nights and early mornings, testing product after product, vendor after vendor! She found the quality she was in search of & now she’s bringing you  Beauté Noire